Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Update!

I truly can't believe the wedding is only about 4 months away! I am getting more and more excited every single day! I just can't wait to marry my best friend :)

So a little update on our wedding planning progress...it is definitely coming along!! 

We of course got the bridesmaids dresses ordered and just picked them up last week! I was thrilled when I finally got to see the dress in the wedding color..it is so rich and beautiful! 

We also got these super fun flower hair pieces for the girls, aren't they great?

 Next, we crossed off the tuxes from our to do list. The boys of course picked out the most expensive one, but it will definitely be worth it. Here are the colors...the groomsmen will be in the red vest with the black tie, and Sean will be in the black vest with red tie. Everyone will have black collared shirts as well....we weren't feeling the white!

We also got Sean's wedding band ordered. He picked out a tungsten one which we both loved. Because of his job and how he is always working with his hands we needed something that was basically indestructible! Tungsten was the best option....it pretty much looks like this

As for my band, I had a couple ordered in from a catalog for me to view. They should be in this week! 

My friend Nicole also played with my hair and we figured out the way I will be wearing it finally! I can't post a picture of this though ;-)

Next on the to do list:
  • Final marriage class to plan the ceremony
  • Invites and programs
  • Shoe/jewelry shopping
  • Register
  • Plan showers/grooms dinner
  • Finalize centerpieces
  • Party favors
There are still many other little things that need to get done, but these are my top priority as of right now!

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of the planning process so far. My family, friends, and especially my bridesmaids have made it so much fun! 

As always, leave me some advice :) 

Jamie Leigh


Jeska said...

I'm glad your having fun planning! It goes by so fast, so even though you're anxious to get to the actual day- really enjoy the exciting process :) Love the red bridesmaid dresses!

Amanda said...

love the dresses! and the hair pieces are adorable! :) i'm so excited for you!!!!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

SO COOL!! I loveeeee those hairpieces :-) How funky! And that dress? Awesome, so flattering!! YAY JAMIE!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I LOVE that dress and the hairpieces!

Laura said...

love the color and hairpieces! SO fun :)

ALSO, I tagged you in an award..check out my blog!