Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update on Life!

Let me start by saying I have SoOoOoOoO missed blogging! My life has been extremely busy lately..full of big changes. Lately my time has been consumed by: 

- Our baby girl Remi
- Wedding planning. We're down to 2 months & 3 weeks
- Packing for the big move
- Grad parties

Remi has been growing and adjusting to her new home quickly. She is the biggest angel, and every day Sean and I feel so blessed we were chosen to give her a home. It is truly like having a baby...exhausting but SO fun! I will post some pics of her very soon! 

The wedding is also coming VERY quickly! Mostly everything is finished, now I have to work on getting the invites out ASAP! I also have some big news......A few weeks ago I found a different dress! I decided to look one last time just to see if there was anything that caught my eye even more than my original..and am I happy I did! I found the PERFECT dress...its absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to walk down the isle in it!

Packing packing packing...eww! I do NOT like packing at all! We are moving to a gorgeous town home this upcoming weekend, but we can actually start moving smaller things as soon as Tuesday. This is very bitter sweet for me. I am excited to start a whole new life of my own with Sean and Remi, however I am going to miss my family so so much. I can honestly say I had the best childhood a child could ask for, and there are so many memories in my home. It has been hard boxing up my room.....I will take pictures of our new place as soon as it is put together! 

Grad parties have been all over the past couple weeks! The biggest being my little sister Jaclyn and one of my best friend Ashleys! I love celebrating with friends and family during special events like this! 

Miss you all! Hope everything is going well!'

Jamie Leigh

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Remi!

I have been dying to blog this week, and I am finally finding the time to sit down and do it!! I am SOO very excited to introduce you to the newest edition of our family. Her name is Remi and she is a 4 1/2 month old german shepherd.  

For the longest time Sean and I have been wanting to rescue a pup....and we have finally been able to do it! We found her at a rescue and immediately knew she was the one. The foster parents had nothing but good things to say about her, and even cried when they left her. She is the BIGGEST sweetheart ever, loves to cuddle, and is adjusting well to her new home. She is SO spoiled, I am sure she thinks she died and went to heaven :-)

It feels so good to have saved Remi, she is truly our angel that we have been praying for. I feel so blessed, and I love my little family more than words could say. 

We move into our new home in a little less than a month, and then before we know it I will be walking down the isle :-)

Jamie Leigh

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

God is Faithful!

I have to say, I feel SOOOO incredibly blessed. God has answered so many prayers this past month that I am overwhelmed with His love and faithfulness. Not only was I blessed with an amazing job opportunity, but so was Sean, and both my sisters! How amazing is that??

Sean and I have also  been praying that we would get a sign as to what the right path to take is regarding our house hunt....and we got it! We now have one month until we move into a BEAUTIFUL town home! 

To top it off I want to introduce you to Dixie. She is a puppy that needs a home. We are meeting her within the next week, and hopefully from then on out she will be ours!! 

God Bless! 

Jamie Leigh