Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back on 2010!

Wow, another year has flown by! If feels like yesterday we were just celebrating the New Year of 2010!! It has definitely been a good year! Lots of memories were made, goals accomplished, milestones reached.....Let's review what a great year this has been!!

January 2010: Sean and I celebrated 7 years together! Can't believe next month we will be celebrating 8 years! Oh how I love him :)

Our first picture ever taken at the 8th grade dance, 2003
Us now, can you believe how much Sean has changed!?

February 2010: We went to Las Vegas! This was our first vacation together where we went on an airplane! we went with our dear friends Jessie and Justin, and had an amazing time! Can't wait to go back!

April 2010: We got our truck! We love it to death, but were trying to sell it now...

Summer 2010: This summer was one of the best!! We got up to the cabin a ton, and were able to visit my family in Duluth MN a lot as well! Almost every weekend we were going on a mini vacation with family and friends! 


This Summer we also rescued our sweet cat Lucky, and saved his life!

Fall 2010: This fall was definitely the best fall ever!! We were able to do lots of Fall activities, and it was filled with big surprises!

  • Sean surprised me with a trip to Stillwater MN to celebrate my birthday and the 1 year mark to our wedding! 

  • We got our engagement pictures taken!!

  • My kitty turned 1!

I can't believe how big he is getting!

October 2010:
  • Sean's brother got married!
  • Our Fall cabin trip!

  • Fun Fall Activities including pumpkins, cookies, and caramel apples!

    November 2010:

    • We put an offer on our first home!! It is a short sales, so were still waiting for an answer. Either way this has been a great learning experience!

    • 2010 Thanksgiving with the family! So fun!
    December 2010:
    • Sean graduated from college!!!! 

    • The best Christmas/holiday season ever!

    Although 2010 was a great year to say the least, I am SOOO looking forward to 2011!! In March 2011 I graduate from college! We will be moving out and getting a home of our own, whether it is the one we currently are hoping for or not, it will be great! I will hopefully be establishing my career! Finally, I need to get moving on my wedding planning!

    Tonight we will be getting dressed up and heading out with Jessie and Justin for some dancing, dinner, drinks, and fun!! Can't wait :-)

    Happy New Years everyone! What are you doing tonight to celebrate?!

    Jamie Leigh

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    Thankful on a Thursday!

    McGlothin Family Nest

    My days are so messed up this week! I normally have such a routine, but this week has been anything but that! I just got off from a 26 hour shift...never done that before! It went really well though, can't complain! I work all day tomorrow (Thursday) as well, so I figured I would do a quick post since Thankful on a Thursday is one of my favorite days to write....better now than never right?

    51. 2010! This year is quickly coming to an end! It has been a great year, and lots of great memories were made! I will be dedicating Fridays post to 2010!

    52. New Years Resolutions! The New Year is always a great time to get motivated and set your mind to reaching a goal. I have a couple in mind this year, hopefully I can stick with it!

    53. A week off school! It has been EXTREMELY nice to not have any homework to focus on!! One more quarter left, March cannot come fast enough!

    54. All my new gifts!! I am so thankful for all the gifts I got this Christmas! Some of my favorites include new movies, pj's, perfumes & lotions, and clothes!! And of course the dining table, TV stand, and area rug I got before Christmas!

    55. My blogging buddies! I have LOVED reading about all your lives, experiences, and thoughts! It is such a great environment, and I am thankful for each and every one of you!!

    What are you thankful for this week? Do you have a New Year's resolution??

    Jamie Leigh

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    My Christmas 2010

    Wow, I feel like I have been MIA for a while now!! It was soooooooOOOO nice to have 5 days off work, and to be finished with school! Such an amazing feeling!! Well I am back today, I worked a short shift this morning then starting at noon I have a 26 hour shift....nothing like getting right back into it right? 

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did, I think this was one of the best ones EVER! Thursday we started our celebrating with my Dad! We ordered chinese food, then opened presents! He absolutely LOVED the pictures we gave him! 

    My sisters
    Dad opening his pictures!
    Friday morning we headed up north to Two Harbors to my grandma's house for my dad's side of the family celebration. We ate a huge lunch, opened presents, played some games, and went to church!! It was a great time with the family, we always have such a blast together!

    Cousins and Grandpa and Grandma!
    Sean playing Yatzee!
    The big Yatzee Game!

    Friday night we drove down to Duluth to my Aunt's house!! All the cousins, aunts, and uncles were there to party and celebrate!! Sean and I fell in LOVE with her dog Booker!! We had a great time playing Catch Phrase and hanging out! My family is such a hoot, there literally is never a dull moment...I LOVE it! 

    Aunts and girl cousins!

    Mom, Sean, and Me!
    Cousins hanging out!
    Saturday we had Christmas at my other grandmas with  my moms side of the family! We ate, and ate, and ate....hung out, opened presents, then headed back to my Aunts house again! We played Rock Band and Catch Phrase again! So fun!!

    Sweet Sister!
    Rock Band!
    Sunday we came home and opened presents at my mom's house! I got some great stuff this year. A lot of clothes, money, gift cards, movies, stuff for our house...I am very grateful for it all!! Sean did something very special for me this year...he picked a quote from the Bible and is getting it framed for our bedroom. I will post a picture once it is finished! 

    Mom and sisters! 

    Monday my Mom and sisters and I went out shopping with all our gift cards and money! We sure found some great deals, and great stuff! Everyone got what they were looking for! It was also my Mom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom! You are the best!!

    Now we are back to reality huh? I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!! Share with me a special memory you made!! 

    Jamie Leigh 

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Merry Christmas!!

    Well, we are pretty much there!! Christmas Eve is tomorrow, my celebrations start tonight!! Tonight my sisters and I will be spending the evening celebrating with my dad! We plan on ordering chinese food, YUM, and opening presents! I CAN'T wait for him to open up the pictures we got taken! My dad has had the same old pictures of us around the house, literally like 10 year old ones. We decided it would be the best gift ever to get professional pics done from my sweet friend Riawho also did my engagement pics, my sisters grad pics, and will be shooting my wedding! She is amazing!! This is one of my favorites!

    Tomorrow we will be heading up to Two Harbors MN to my grandmas house to celebrate with my dads side of the family! My grandma always makes the best food! We play games, laugh, and always have so much fun!

    Saturday we will be going to Duluth MN to my other grandma's house and will be celebrating with  my mom's side of the family! They are such a hoot, it should be a good time!

    Sunday we will finally be heading home, and we will be opening presents at my mom's house! Whewww lots of celebrating! 

    I now have 5 days off work, and am finished with school! I don't even know what to do with myself!! 

    Merry Christmas to all my blogging buddies! I won't be posting now for a while, God Bless everyone and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones!! 

    OH one more thing! Today is Thankful on a Thursday, and the number one thing I am thankful for this week is Jesus Christ!! And of course my family!! I wanted to leave you with a song :-)

    Jamie Leigh

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    'Tis The Season!

    3 DAYS!! Only 3 DAYS!!! So SOOO excited to see my family, and of course eat delicious food!! Today at work we had our Christmas party, and exchanged gifts for our Secret Santa! I got some great stuff, so thankful! 

    The candle is apple fav!

    We also got some yummy treats from some of the kids we work with, and one family even gave all the staff gift cards, how thoughtful of them! 

    Isn't this cute!?

    My kitty has been so curious about the presents, and the tree....he has been opening presents early, and loving to lay in the bags!

    You can see the friskiness in his eyes!

    Today was my last day of work this week! I will post one last time tomorrow!! Happy Wednesday everyone!!

    Jamie Leigh