Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday!

I am so SUPER excited for the the time Friday is here I am definitely ready for some fun, rest, and relaxation! 

Before I get into my weekend plans, do any of you remember scooter city from when you were in elementary school? We started that today at work, and it totally brought me back to the good old days! Share your memories with me if you remember it!

Okay anyways! This weekend I get to spend time with a lot of my loved ones which is always the best!

I get to spend time with this handsome man

And this cute dog Skidoo.....Skidoo is Sean's family dog and has definitely made us want a dog of our own. He is so loving, sweet, fun, and has a huge personality on him! Isn't he cute?

 My aunt and cousin are also coming down from Duluth to do some shopping!

Sounds like another perfect weekend to me! I can't wait to be lazy, sleep in, and have time to just BE!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Jamie Leigh


Amanda Moury said...

Yay for Fridays and exciting upcoming weekends! OH my gosh what kind of dog is that? Is it a golden doodle?! SO stinkin cute! :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Happy Friday!!! :) Enjoy!