Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Monday...

Monday is here again...not my favorite day of the week! Anyways I had a wonderful weekend as usual! How blessed I am!

Friday night Sean and I had a lazy  night! I got home from work to find a delicious taco lasagna dinner! I cannot say how amazing it is to have a man that likes to cook and is good at it! Afterwards we just watched a movie and relaxed :-)

Saturday we shopped until we dropped! My aunt and cousin came down from Duluth so my mom, sisters, aunt, cousin, me and Sean (poor boy) went on a shopping spree! I got some really cute new stuff for spring/summer that I can't wait to wear. Thanks mom your the best! 

Sean and my little sister Jodell kept each other company, so sweet! They stayed busy playing Angry Birds!

Saturday night we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Sean's sisters birthday! Yum Yum!

Sunday our plans got turned upside down when Sean's boss called. Sean had to go down town to the Home and Garden show to work. I have to get use to him being on's just part of his field. So I went home and spent some time with my dad. We ran some errands and looked for deals on movies at Blockbuster since they are closing down! We got 4 movies, each only 4 bucks!! 

It was definitely a fun filled weekend! Can't wait till the next one ;-)

Happy Monday, 

Jamie Leigh


Amy said...

sounds like u had a fun weekend funny we were @ the same mall @ the same time :-) enjoy the rest of the week:-)

Jenny said...

sounds like a fun time! Glad you had a good weekend :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

ohhh, what a perfect weekend. Minus the oncall part :( Sorry about that! However... lots of time with your fiance sounds super fun!! Happy Week - See you Thursday!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

I just love weekends and I am never ready for Monday to be here! Sounds like you had a super yummy one!!!

Laura said...

oh I love shopping and cheap movies!! So fun!!