Friday, November 5, 2010

Time to just BE

We finally made it to Friday! It has been such a busy week, I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, and hanging out, just like the kitty above. Isn't he cute?

 I remember being younger I use to always want to have something going on, I would never want to just sit home. The past year has really shown to me how important it is to have time to just with your family, be with your friends, be home relaxing....time that is not actually on a time limit...time when you don't have to be following a schedule and be worried about being somewhere. This is what my weekend will be about :)

Sean has to work all day Saturday, so I will definitely be sleeping in and spending time at home until he gets off work. Saturday night is DATE NIGHT :) I am so excited to go out with my man and have one on one time to just talk and BE together. We are trying to think of a new restaurant to try....any suggestions?

Sunday our friends from high school invited us to lunch at this Italian restaurant they have been dying to try. Its like a build your own pasta dish type thing, sounds fun! It will be nice to catch up with them, its been too long! As usual, Sunday will be our catch up day as well to finish any homework, and get things taken care of that we need to. 

I wanted to share the link to the recent sister/mama shoot the wonderful Ria from  {Ri Photography}  and from Life as a Wife! blessed us with! We are planning on using these pictures for Christmas present for my Dad and other family members. It was so fun to get us all together, it is rare now a days :( 

Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend everyone!!!

Jamie Leigh


Ria Thurston said...

Thanks for sharing the link sweet friend! You can also "save as" the images and post them on your blog if you'd like :) I am mailing the disc next week... :) :) Can't wait for you to see the rest! Blessings!!!

Amy said...

I hear you it's finally Friday! :-D and also about sleeping in tomorrow :-) It will be nice. I love date nights they are fun :-) Have a great time on your date night and enjoy it :-) Your pictures Ria took are so cute Love them all :-) What a great present that will be!

Shannon said...

Stopping by from Steph's blog and so glad I did! I too am so thankful when Friday finally rolls around! Have fun this weekend!