Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday!

McGlothin Family Nest

YAY! It is Thursday again, So So happy about that :) I'm just going to jump right into it this week!

21. Hugs! Aren't hugs great? They always make me feel better if I am down!! Hugs are the best!

22. NyQuil! Since I have been under the weather the past week, NyQuil has been my  best friend. It has helped me sleep, and wake up refreshed to start a new day! 

23. My tattoos! I aways knew I wanted a tattoo, but I waited for a long time so I could decide the perfect thing to get. I got 2 the end of summer, and LOVE them! I got a cross on the back of my neck, and the word LOVE with a heart on the inside of my ankle. They both are small, and simple....and have such STRONG meanings! It feels great to always have these two very important things with me at all times.

24. Subway! I have just loved Subway lately, I am always craving it! My sweet sister is bringing me one for lunch today :)

25. Date nights! I haven't seen Sean all week due to his late work hours, and our busy schedules clashing...this makes me so sad since he is my motivation and support, it gets really hard not to see him! We are planning a date night for Saturday that I could not be more excited about...any ideas?! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday, the weekend is just around the corner :)

Jamie Leigh


Jenny said...

Yum Love me some subway! Wonderful things to be thankful for this week :)

Amanda Moury said...

Jamie - I love that hugs is something you're thankful for! :) And nyquil was definitely my best friend also when I was sick recently! Happy Thursday! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a cross on the back of my neck! I have the Jesus fish already, and I decided no more until after the wedding. But I am already counting down the days!

Ria Thurston said...

Sweet Stuff Jamie! It's fun learning more about you :) I never knew about the tatto's. We'll have to get photos of them on your wedding day!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ooh your tattoos sound awesome! I have 3 right now and can't wait for a 4th. They're addictive right?

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my bog and for grabbing my button. You rock!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Yay for hugs and dates..soon you guys will be married and you won't have to wait all week to see him!!!!

Heather said...

I love subway, and date nights as well. They just make life better! :) Love your blog!