Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Weekend

Wow! What a crazy weekend I had! Crazy in a good way :) And it was so nice it was extra long!

Saturday night Sean and my date night was perfect! I will share more about it tomorrow because it goes hand in hand with this weeks challenge! So fun!

Sunday we went and looked at a that I have been admiring online for many months  now. Well the price dropped and we had to see it! Of course we loved it, so now we are trying to deal with the loan officers... NOT FUN! I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I am sure it will get snatched up before we figure our financing out since it's such a long process, but we are praying and hoping! Either way at least we are taking the steps to start our house hunt.

So is anyone else noticing the increase in Christmas music, commercials, ads, and what not?! This weekend I was really shocked with how fast everything went into Christmas mode! YAY, so exciting! I have such a sweet tooth, and I found my new favorite Christmas candy this weekend. It is Dove chocolate with peppermint bark! MMM so delicious! 

And I love the little notes inside the wrappers....the couple I had today were "Promise yourself some relaxing holiday moments", "Joy is contagious," and "Always give from the heart." Aren't those sweet and uplifiting? I suggest you try these delicious treats, they are very addicting!

Have a happy Monday everyone!! 

Jamie Leigh


Ashley Cody said...

Those sound delicious! (& I'm not even a candy freak!) I went Christmas shopping this weekend and was overjoyed with the holiday decor in the malls! :)

Ria Thurston said...

OH! A HOUSE! :) Funnn! I hope you hear from your loan officer really soon!!

Maggie said...

OOO good luck on the house! Very exciting. And that candy looks so good. I may need to run to Target today and get some.

Jessie Szmanda said...

Ohh those candies look Delish!

Jeska said...

Best of luck with the house!!
And yes I did notice the Christmas craze picking up! And I'm loving it :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

oh I love looking for houses! and i looooovvvee dove chocolate, keep us updated on the house hunt!

Amy said...

Good luck with your house I hope it all works out for you both!!! Is it any chance a house by Oak Grove! I would be so excited to know atleast have a blog friend that lives by me hehe!!! We live by a bunch of old people lol