Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

So I wanted to start off today with the wonderful award I received from a blogging friend of mine, Jeska.  She gave me the Friendly Rely Award! Here are the questions and my answers!

1. What did you first want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a dance teacher. I LOVED dancing growing up, and still do! 
2. What were your favorite cartoons?
I absolutley loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse! I was so tiny when I was little and had a super high voice, so my whole family called me Min Mouse, and still do today :)
3. Favorite childhood game?
I was obsessed with "store"...I had a little register and I would love ringing up items HAHA
4. Most favorite birthday?
I love all my birthdays because we have a family tradition to get together for dinner! 
5. Something you've always wanted to do and haven't done yet?
Travel. I have been to Las Vegas, Florida, Wisconsin, and South Dakota...Not very many places. I would love to travel out of the country!
6. What was your first love?
7. First musical Idol?
I really loved Blink 182 lol
8. Favorite gift?
Probably my camera. I love taking pictures and capturing memories!
9. If a theme song played for you everywhere you went, what would it be?
Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer!!
10.Favorite city to visit?
Duluth MN. My whole family is up there, and it is beautiful!

Thanks again for the award Jeska!!


Now for fabulous Friday!!

My Friday so far hasn't gone too well...I woke up this morning and didn't get my check :( I guess direct deposit got messed up with Veterans Day yesterday, BOO.  Tonight I am looking forward to some time at home with the family, I have missed my sweet little sister. The rest of the weekend is going to be very laid back. I want to try to tackle some wedding tasks, I have been so  busy so this weekend will be the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling.

Sunday after church we are staying after to discuss becoming members! We are really excited for this, and next Sunday we will be welcomed into the church officially! :)

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Jamie Leigh


Ria Thurston said...

Ohh.. I hope your Friday BRIGHTENS UP! :) Have a fun weekend! I loved the questions you answered... so much fun!

Amanda said...

i'm a fellow dancer!! i danced from 5th grade all the way till i graduated high school! :) hope you have a good weekend!