Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update and a VERY happy birthday!

Happy Monday friends! It is sure cold here in MN...I am starting to feel like summer will never be here! Tomorrow I hear it is suppose to be warmer and sunny though, hopefully they are right!

I wanted to give a little update about the tough situation Sean and I were put in. He was offered a great job opportunity, but we found out it may affect us qualifying for the house that we love and have waited for for so long. After a lot of talking, and listening to families advice, we made a decision. We decided that there are too many unknowns on the house and that Sean WILL be accepting the new job. We couldn't be more excited! I want him to be happy, and this job will open up many new doors for us.  God wouldn't have given Sean this amazing opportunity if he wasn't suppose to take it.

As for the house, we aren't giving up on it yet. Our Realtor said to just leave our offer on the house, and wait until we hear from the bank. Who knows when that will be anyways...its already been 7 months! When we do hear back we will deal with it at that point. Again, there are many unknowns and what if I get a new job I may qualify on my own.... :) Please send us your prayers!

On to this weekend! It was a blast. We made enough money to pay for the wedding flowers, and then still had a TON to donate to the church! Sean and I also looked at wedding bands and both found the ones we want! I am so excited!! We are getting close to 4 months only! Finally I hit the jackpot shopping on Sunday! I got over 500 dollars worth of clothes for 140 bucks! AMAZING!

Last but not least, I wanted to wish one of my best friends a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You should check our her BLOG, it's great!

Jamie Leigh


Jessie Szmanda said...

I really believe you guys have made the right choice! It will all be for the good :)

Amanda said...

that sounds wonderful about the job! congratulations! and you really did hit the jackpot shopping! that is so amazing!!!!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Happy to hear about your decision... I am sure it wasn't easy. Blessings on what's to come!!