Monday, April 18, 2011

Incredible Weekend recap/ BIG week ahead

Hi friends, I hope you all had a relaxing, fun, wonderful weekend! I sure did! Let's start with a recap, then I have some news to share! So a little warning, this will be a long post!

Saturday my ladies came over in the morning for some caribou coffee, donuts, and to chit chat before we headed out to pick brides maids dresses! I LOVE you guys!

When we got to the bridal shop, the girls all went and picked out a couple styles and started to play dress up :-)

They tried on these...

And these....

But the one they all agreed on and LOVED is this dress!!

And this one for Jodell, my junior bridesmaid. She will be getting it hemmed shorter to match the other dresses!

The dress is so classy, elegant, comfortable, PERFECT! It is exactly what I was picturing my girls in! They also found some GREAT shoes and a flower for their hair!

They got the shoes in black, and the dress color is the apple red in the first picture as well as the flower!

I already had my wedding dress, I had bought it about a year ago because it was getting discontinued and I absolutely loved it....I decided I wanted to try on a couple of the new styles just for the experience and to make sure I still loved my dress! I tried on a couple very pretty dresses, but when I came out in mine everyone gasped....I knew it was STILL the one! So I said YES to the DRESS for the second time and couldn't be happier!

Afterwards we headed to Noodles for some delicious pasta and to chat more about the wedding! I honestly have the best bridesmaids ever! We all have been friends for a long long time, we are like sisters!

So now to the news of the week...This is a week of some big things including an interview and some surgery...both of which I am very VERY nervous for!

I'll post more on the interview once I have some news, it is tomorrow! Send me some luck, this would be a great opportunity!

Thursday I have to get my wisdom teeth out....all four of them......all four of them which are impacted! AWW I am a wimp, and not good with pain, needles, blood, etc. Today I had my consultation for the surgery, and it was very scary....I had to go over all the things that could possible happen which included my jaw breaking because they are impacted, permanent numbness/tingling in my bottom lip because the bottom ones are close to a vital nerve, and sinus issues because the top ones are up in the sinus area. UGH! I know they do this all the time, but hearing these things made me very uneasy...and because they are impacted it isn't just getting teeth pulled, it's surgery...

If I am MIA in blogging world this week, this is why!

Have a great week! 

Jamie Leigh


Ashley Cody said...

Love the dresses we picked out!! :) I had so much fun, I can't wait for margarita night!! Whoo hoo!!

Good luck on your surgery - it'll go great!

Laura said...

love the dresses!!!

Praying for your surgery!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Super cute dresses and shoes, so sorry about wisdom teeth. saying prayers you have PEACE!! =)

Amanda Moury said...

SO exciting! I remember we were in the exact same place at this time last year planning our wedding! It's going to be amazing my dear! I'll be thinking about you during your surgery! Wisdom teeth are tough to get out! xoxo

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

The dresses are PERFECT! What a fun weekend with your girls :) Hoowwww exciting!!

Can't wait to hear about your interview... 1 hour! Praying!

Amanda said...

i love those dresses! what a fun time to share with your bridesmaids. enjoy every minute of it! :)