Monday, December 20, 2010

A Beautiful Weekend!

This weekend was wonderful! I am so thankful Sean and I had some down time, and were able to spend the whole weekend together! 

Friday night Sean surprised me with an early Christmas present. We planned on watching a movie, so I brought one over there I wanted to watch. Well it turned out he already had a movie in mind, so he turned on his TV and there it was, Eclipse! Does anyone else love this series? I just loved the books, so I wanted to see the movies to compare them. I had been waiting and waiting to see Eclipse, it was my favorite book of the series, and the movie ended up being very good!  Thanks babe, I love you!

Saturday we slept in, which was so  nice! I woke up to some fruit and juice in bed from my love! Once we got motivated to get up, we went out and ran some errands. I really wanted this sweater from Kohls to wear on Christmas, so we braved the crowds, and got it! Saturday  night we got together with our dear friends Jessie and Justin to have dinner and exchange gifts. We got two beautiful photo albums, and Sean got a gift card to pep boys, which he is dying to spend! Thanks guys :) After dinner we watched Toy Story 3...WOW was this intense for a children's movie. I loved it though, and would highly recommend it!

Sunday we went and got Sean and I got hair cuts, car washes, then hot chocolate and ANOTHER movie....A Christmas Carol. This is one of my FAVORITE ever Christmas stories. It has such a good message, and Disney did a great job making the story come to life, while staying faithful to the original story by Charles Dickens. 

Happy news! I only have 2 more finals this week, and I will be done on Wednesday! Can't wait...then 4 more classes until graduation!

What did you do this last weekend before Christmas?

Jamie Leigh


Jessie Szmanda said...

We had SO much fun on Saturday! :) thank you for the beautiful plaque!

Nicole said...

I just finished my finals too! I'm so excited to finally do Christmas-y things without having to worry about upcoming exams and deadlines!

Heather said...

Eclipse was my favorite book as well, out of the series. I loved that version of the Christmas Carol, they did an awesome job!

Ria Thurston said...

Fun and VERY Christmas-y :-) Loveeee it!!

Jeska said...

Yay for Eclipse! Sounds like a perfect weekend! I went shopping as well and we watched The Break Up!