Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Well another wonderful weekend has come and gone! I am okay with that this week because I only have 2 days of work! So technically it is Thursday today!! WAHOO!!

So Friday night I spent with my sweetheart! We just relax, talked, and as I like to say fell in love even more! Not seeing Sean as much lately really has made me cherish our time together, and every time I DO get to spend with him, I fall in love all over again :)

Saturday we did a TON of Christmas shopping! They had some really great "before black Friday" sales....weird I know, it kind of defeats the purpose of black Friday, but we saved a LOT of money! My wonderful dad bought Sean and I a dining room table! This year we decided to start collecting stuff for when we move out! So exciting! We also got a TV stand from Sean's mom. They are matching real wood, its called Espresso, so beautiful! Here is the TV stand we got...isn't it great? I love the dark rich wood! 

My  kitty Oliver doesn't know what to think of all the furniture boxes....look at him being so silly! He flattens his ears to try to hide, he has such a personality!

My mom also finished up getting gifts for my two little sisters Jaclyn and Jodell. It was fun helping her pick out things for them! Saturday night we went over to our dear friends Jessie and Justin's house! We cooked some delicious wild rice soup (dying to get the recipe), and played some Wii, it was a great time! 

Sunday we officially became members of the church Sean and I are getting married in! It was such a great service, and afterwards they hosted cake and coffee to welcome us! Besides church, we pretty much stayed inside and had another relaxing day. The weather here in MN has been gross....the roads are like ice rinks! We took the truck out of park Sunday morning and it slid all the way down the driveway, so slippery! Today isn't much better either.....Please send us your prayers that weather will be okay for travel Thursday morning. We are suppose to head up to Duluth MN to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I will be really disappointed if the weather prevents us from going :( 

Have a happy Monday everyone!! 

Jamie Leigh 



Jessie Szmanda said...

Love that TV stand! And I HAVE to send that recipe to you! keep reminding me :)

Jenny said...

What a nice TV stand! And congrats on the dinning room table. So exciting :)

Amy said...

Happy Monday to you too :-) Love your T.v. stand you got:-) It's so much fun getting stuff for a house you don't have yet :-) Just makes it more exciting :-) We were in the same boat last year at this time getting stuff for a house we didn't have yet :-) Have you heard anything more about the house? I am praying for you guys and hope you guys get it sooner then what you hope to :-)

Ria Thurston said...

Fun Jamie! Sounds like an awesome weekend :) :) Yay! Happy Monday!

Amanda said...

oh love your tv stand! i can't wait to go shopping this weekend!