Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Season Fever!

Happy Tuesday everyone! So now that Fall is coming to an end, and Halloween is over.....I am starting to get SUPER excited for CHRISTMAS!!! Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday and time to celebrate. It gives you such a cozy feeling inside, and everyone seems so happy. I went to a craft store the other day, and they had all their Christmas stuff out already, YAY :)

I usually am not the type of person to drag out a holiday, but I always love to have Christmas decorations up early! I'm hoping to get them up within the next couple weeks! Some of my favorite things Christmas related include Christmas music, lights, family, friends, exchanging gifts, Christmas movies (especially Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story), mistletoes, homemade meals, decorating the tree, baking, and Christmas smells!! That smell of cinnamon just screams Christmas to me! I also love to go to the Holidazle Parade. Here is a picture from last year!

Are you as excited as me?! What are your favorite things for this upcoming holiday season?!

So last weeks challenge was to spend 15-20 minutes doing something you LOVE that you don't often have the time to do. Even though last week was very busy, I was able to spend all of Saturday doing things I loved! Just being with my family was wonderful. I also got to go shopping, and do all the Fall activities I talked about in yesterday's blog! I haven't been able to do that stuff for a couple years now! 

The new challenge is: Do something that is typically seen as being out of the ordinary.
Hmmm this should be a fun one! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! 

Jamie Leigh


Jenny said...

I love Christmas time! We usually start decorating around the week before thanksgiving. I love it!

Jeska said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Good luck with wedding planning, I see you have a long engagement.. which is great.. it goes by too fast anyway!
I can't find your follow me button for blogger..please let me know where I can follow at & I'll follow back!
Jeska @

Jamie Leigh said...


My follow button is in the left column underneath all the pictures...Let me know if you find it!

Amy said...

I love the next 2 holidays coming up!!! Especially Christmas!!! I can't wait to go to the Holidazle parade this winter it will be starting before we know it :-) Hopefully it stays warm :-) I do too love having Christmas decorations up early! I wanted to put the tree up on Halloween LOL but my husband told me no way you gotta wait closer to Thanksgiving lol :-)

Amanda said...

i am SOOOOOO excited for christmas too!! :)

Ashley Cody said...

I can't wait for Christmas either (you know me). I need to go shopping for all new stuff for my apartment which is putting me in such a great mood. Now it's time for the malls to get on the same page as us! :)