Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday=Quite the Experience!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Thanksgiving, I know I sure did! I thank everyone for the prayers for safe travel this week, WE MADE IT TO SEE MY FAMILY! Even though we drove a total of 400 miles in one day, it was totally worth it to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We ate, talked, played games, and ate some more! Then we headed back home to take a nap and be ready to go out shopping at 10 with our friends Jessie and Justin!

OH MY GOODNESS!! Okay, so I have never been out for Black Friday before...I know, crazy right? We normally stay up north at my grandmas, and the only store in her small town is a Pamida....which pretty much sucks! So  Jessie and me set up a plan of action this week to tackle the amazing deals at Walmart! 

We went at 10, thinking we could be proactive and shop before, then just check out when the sales started at midnight...well we were wrong! Everything was on pallets wrapped in black plastic so we have NO idea where anything was! We started to get sneaky and poke holes in the plastic to find what we were looking for so we could make a new plan. Once we found everything, we decided to try to sneak some of the items that weren't as tightly wrapped into our carts before midnight! HAHAHA, we saw others doing it...we felt like we were stealing, but we were stealing things we were going to buy LOL! When 11:30 rolled around we assumed our positions! Justin was at the frames, Me and Jess at the shop vacs, and Sean by the towels and tupperware! Poor Sean kept texting me saying all the ladies were getting vicious over there! Once 11:57 came everyone started ripping! Jess and I took our shop vacs and ran to help Sean! We got our towels and tupperware then ran to find Justin who was suppose to head to the movies!....WOW the movies were the big item I guess, it was seriously a mosh pit....TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT! 

We definitely had a blast!! We left with some great steals including the towels, tupperware, a crock pot, so AWESOME frames, shop vac, and Sean got a sweatshirt and tape measure! It is fun starting to collect stuff for when we move out, and we got such great deals! 

Did you face the crowds of Black Friday? If so, what was the most exciting deal you got!?

Happy Friday everyone! YAY for the whole weekend ahead of us still!!

Jamie Leigh


Jessie Szmanda said...

hahahah I'm dying! Such a GREAT experience!!

Heather said...

We went out a little bit on Black Friday, but not until later in the day! Sounds like you had a crazy experience. :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

Your so brave!!!! =)