Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Update!

BURRRRR is all I have to say right now! MN weather is terrible today...I could not believe my eyes when I woke up and saw SNOW!! And on top of that there are 46 mph winds! EWWW! This is the perfect day to curl up and watch a movie, oh how I wish I could do that!

I wanted to take the time today to do a little update on my wedding planning :)  Last weekend we took the time to go down to a place called Market flowers. I LOVED it there! The idea is so brilliant! So you basically order the flowers you want, then you go there and make the bouquets and what not yourself to save money! I have heard you save up to 80% here, and I am all for saving!! I think it will be a fun bonding experience too for me and my bridesmaids a couple days before the wedding....I am a little concerned about making the corsages, but I am sure someone will be able to help me :)  I knew I wanted to keep my centerpieces very, water, sticks, rocks...something along those lines. I think it represents Sean and me and is beautiful as well. I found these flowers that I fell in love with! I'm thinking these in a tall vase with water and sticks? What do you think?  

I think they are so romantic!
So when  Sean proposed, we both knew we wanted to find a church of our own to get married in, and of course grow in our faith together.  Growing up we both were part of a church, but we decided to branch out and try other churches and find one to join together! After attending a couple different churches, we found one we felt was perfect! It is beautiful, and the members are so welcoming! In a couple Sundays we are meeting with the church to become members, and the Sunday following that we will be welcomed into the church followed by a celebration after the service! We are so excited!!

The last thing I have been thinking a lot about lately is the music for the ceremony. There are a lot of songs I really like, but it's so hard to choose where to use them. This is one of the songs that I really enjoyed from church, any ideas as to where it could fit into the ceremony!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Please share, and have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Jamie Leigh


Ria Thurston said...

I love the wedding update! :) Glad you liked Market Flowers!!!! So fun! Your wedding will be BEAUTIFUL! Also, I can't see the video... what is the song? {can't get on youtube at work :(}

Amanda said...

those flowers are lovely! so glad you guys found a church you love! your wedding plans sound beautiful! :)

Claire said...

Lovely song! And what a fab idea with the flower market! I always think flowers are too expensive for weddings, at ours we picked heather from the hills outside and made our own button holes with tartan ribbon, and my bouquet was a couple of lowers from a village shop, tied up with ribbon and greenery from the hills :)

Jamie Leigh said...

Thanks for the great feedback!

Ria- the song is You are Mine by David Haas!