Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Tuesday, Challenge Day!!

Hello everyone! It is finally Tuesday, our challenge day! I really hope some of you took on the challenge, and had fun doing so. If not, join in this week! Last weeks challenge was to find a reason to celebrate, and do something to celebrate it. Here is what Sean and I did!

We decided up north would be the perfect place to celebrate.  We were celebrating the anniversary of our engagement, and the beautiful season of Fall.  First we went to the spot we got engaged! We had a drink, and reminisced about the special day.  After that, we decided to go to our favorite little bar/restaurant out there called Rosenthals. It is a huge hang out for four wheelers.  There we celebrated Fall by ordering chicken and rice soup (delicious)!! When we got back to the cabin, we tried out a new recipe in the slow cooker, chicken tortellini stewp.  It  is a cross between soup and stew, hence the name stewp. It turned out really good! I love cooking for the season, and Fall definitely calls out stew, soup, and anything else warm and  comforting! It was so fun to celebrate for no reason, very relaxing and exciting as well! If you did celebrated something, share with me what you did :)

The new challenge this week is: Do something your parent's would have never allowed you to do as a kid!  This could be something as simple as staying up late... but try to get creative with this! Enjoy :)

Today I am also asking for prayers for my little sister. She is 11, and means the world to me. She has been very sick, and the Dr.'s haven't been able to figure out why. Thankfully she got better, and was better for about a month.  The last couple days however, she has been sick again. I pray she won't get in her routine of being sick for months at a time again, and it's just a bug.  Thanks for the prayers everyone :)

Here is a song that is truly inspiring! It has definitely help keep me positive through the tough times! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


Jamie Leigh


Stephanie M. Page said...

Praying for your sister Jamie! =( What a sweet day you guys had celebrating. hugs!! p.s. I just love that your blogging....

Jessie Szmanda said...

I LOVE the challenge this week! Can't wait to do it! And little Jodelle is still in our prayers, tell her when I start school she has a free anything she wants waiting! love yu!