Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quality Time

Happy Thursday friends!! Even though this is only a 4 day week it feels like it is taking forever....COME ON FRIDAY!!

Last night I got lucky, I ended up not having to work at my second job so I got to go home after work which was such a treat!! This got me thinking about quality time. I believe it is so incredibly important to make sure to engage in quality time with your significant other every single day. 

My question for you today is what do you and your hubby/fiance/boyfriend do to spend that quality time together?

On thing that Sean and I began doing for some quality time together is watching The Pacific and The Band of Brothers series. Sean is very interested in WW2, one main reason is because his grandpa was a WW2 veteran. Now when you ask me what my interests are, war is definitely not on the top of my list..however I decided to give it a chance because I knew how passionate Sean was about it..and it was really special he wanted to share it with me.

We started with The Pacific. 

This series follows the lives of three U.S. Marines through their journey in the jungles of Guadalcanal fighting the Japanese during WW2. Not only is it incredible to see the conditions, trauma, and battles these men endured during this time, but you acually get to know the characters on a personal level. You meet their families, hear about their love lives...and experience their struggles with them that the war caused. My heart broke for these men...It is amazing to me that they had so much courage, and passion for our coutnry to put themselves through these gruesome conditions.

Now we are currently watching The Band of Brothers.

This series follows a paratrooper unit from the U.S. Army called Easy Company who are fighting the other side of WW2 against the Germans. This unit was one of the best trained and most productive in military history. Their courage, compassion, and faith are so truly amazes me. These men all grow so close, and you get to know them so well that you experience heart ache and pain when one is lost.

Don't get me may be wondering why would I want to watch something so sad? Well, there are many other aspect the series other than war..there is humor, love, and lots of lessons about friendship and compassion. Also the characters are all based on real war heros which is amazing to me!

I am SO happy I wasn't closed minded when it came to this. I have really enjoyed learning more about the war, as well as having this quality time with my husband. He told me the other day how thankful he was that I showed interest in something that means so much to him...this was so touching to hear!

I highly encourage you to be open minded when it comes to hobbies/interests that your significant other may have, you may find something that you can share and be passionate about together!!

I hope you all have a great day!

Jamie Leigh


Jodie said...

I've seen Band of Brothers before. I was the same why, but I was so glad I watched it!!

Asha said...

I think it's great that you tried to get into his interests a little bit, that is so important since marriage is all about compromise :)
Danny and I usually go running together and try to sit down for dinner together every night for quality time.

Nicole said...

rock on awesome wifey!

i love that it only takes a little to really touch their hearts by being interested in the things that interest them.


Lauren said...

This post is so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing this! :) I think it's awesome that you showed an interest in something your husband likes/loves. I've been struggling with this bc my husband is a sports fanatic, however I just can't seem to become interested in it no matter how hard I try! So I've been trying to get involved in other things that he likes and is interested in and it really does make you feel good! I'm glad you found a something you both like to watch together!

My husband and I have "Wii Dates" because it's something we both have fun doing together!


Jenny said...

The Band of Brothers is my husbands favorite series, We just got the Pacific and haven't started watching it yet :)

Someone In Mind said...

I LOVED Band of Brothers and I haven't seen The Pacific, but I did buy it for my FIL so I might have to borrow it.

Admin said...

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GiGi Reed said...

I need to watch The Band of Brothers. I bet my husband would LOVE that. Thank you for sharing this. :)

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

My hubby's love language is quality time so I end up doing a lot of camping, bike rides, and watching his favorite shows :) I totally agree it's really important to do this!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i am totally with you there girl about why is this week crawling by! friday at 5pm better come fast! and you know what i realized our husbands have the same names spelled the correct way too ;-)

Deidre said...

I'm not interested in golf at all, but I'll walk around the golf course with IC and watch him play and take videos of his swing and stuff for him. It's nice to take a walk and I know that he enjoys that I take a little bit of an interest in his hobby.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This actually seems very interesting!! Thats funny that you two did this because today my boyfriend wanted me to watch the "live concert" dvd of his favorite band, All That Remains with him. I'm a Taylor Swift girl, personally so screamo isn't something I usually enjoy at all but it was fairly interesting!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Autumn said...

Our quality time? We watch a lot of movies or we go to the mall and just walk around people watching/looking in windows.

I'm a huge ww2 buff too because of both of my grandpas, but I don't do well watching violence.