Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ideal Weekend

This weekend was included a couple of my favortie things..

~fresh snow fall
~Hubby and Remi time

Friday evening we spent resting with our sick pup. Good news, she is on the mend. We finally got her test results back which revealed a bacterial infection in her intestines. We also found out she has a very sensitive tummy, which I guess is common in german shepherds. We have to switch her to a sensitive tummy food and the only treats she can have are carrots and apples. We have to monitor her on this new diet for 3-4 weeks to see if it helps! Fingers crossed. She is such a snuggle bug when she isn't feeling well.

Saturday we had some family over for dinner. It was a great evening with delicious food, and a beautiful snow fall. I love my family so very much!

Sunday we got up early for church, then came home and cuddled in with some coffee and sunday morning TV. I also got the itch to bake a little, so going along with my 25 days of Christmas, here is my new favorite Christmas cookie: Chocolate Peppermint! So yummy! Remi even had fun helping :)

You can use any chocolate cookie recipie or boxed mix to make these cookies. Once they come out of the oven, you sprinkle crushed candy cane on top.

Then you press the candy cane pieces into the cookies with the bottom of a glass

Then enjoy! These are so simple and super delicious!! You have to try them!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Jamie Leigh


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Sounds perfect and YUM!

Asha said...

Ooo those cookies look delicious! And I'm glad it's an easy recipe :)

Remi is so cute and I really hope that the new diet works for her!

Samantha said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I am so glad to hear that your precious puppy is getting better. Your cookies look so yummy.

Desiree said...

yummmm!!! i think i'm gonna have to try this recipe! new reader here, but glad to see your pup is doin okay!

Stephanie M. Page said...

those look DELICIOUS!!! yummmyyyy. Sounds like a cozy weekend.

Emma Frances said...

What a perfect weekend! :] I LOVE fresh snowfall! Especially when it is viewed from the comfort of my warm living room in the arms of my husband!! And those cookies look incredible! I am definitely going to make those this month!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Love the pictures with the pup in them, and how amazing do those cookies look!xo

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Look into Halo food. I feed that to my pup. It is all natural and organic and made for sensitive tummy.