Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Life as a TV Show

Have you ever thought about which TV show your life would be? There are so many great shows out there..both old and new.
-30 Rock
-The Office
-Greys Anatomy
-The Big Bang Theory
-Gossip Girl
-Modern Family
One of my favorite shows of all time is in that list...can you guess?

I am obsessed with this show. Everyday when I get home from work there is 2 hours of Friends on. It is just what i need after a long day. It makes me smile, laugh, and allows me to relax a bit. Definitely my guilty pleasure!
I have a very VERY close knit group of friends. We all get along so well, and love each and every person in the group just as much! If my life was a TV show, it would for sure be Friends, however there would be some extra cast member, not just 6. 
Introducing you to Friends, The Grady Bunch edition:
First the Girls:

My Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe would be:
My friend Nicole-She is so funny, and always up for a good time.

 My sister Jessica- She is the best big sister ever! We always have a good time together!

 My friend Brittany- LOVE this lady! She is so generous, fun, and caring!

My sister Jaclyn: She is the quieter one of the group that just soaks up all the silliss :)

Now for the boys!

My Joey, Chandler, and Ross would be:

Jory- This is my sister Jessica's boyfriend. He is so funny, and one of Sean's best buddies!

Jesse- He always has something to say about everything....very sarcastic!

Jon- He is Brittany's boyfriend. Things never get boring with Jon around. He is the life of the party!

And of course Sean and I :)

What TV show would your life be?



Genuinely Content said...

Friends and The Big Bang Theory are my favorite shows... EVER. My husband and I will sit and watch every episode and we're not ashamed to laugh out loud. Too funny!

And by the way, I can teach you how to bake. It is easy and takes little time (if I can do it, you can do it)!!

Jessie Szmanda said...

big bang theory for sure!

Melissa Blake said...

Awesome post! I'm not sure what TV show my life would be...I've always wanted to pick different characters from different shows and put them all together. Does that count?

Brooke said...

Love all the wedding pics on your sidebar!

Ashley Cody said...

I LOVE FRIENDS. I just finished re-watching all the seasons, it is seriously a LOL show. Always make me giggle "PIVOT!! PIVOT!! PIVOT!!" haha

I would have to agree that my life TV Show would be friends.. or Greys!

Emma Frances said...

What a fun post! :] And you and your sister are absolutely GORGEOUS!