Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Remi!

I have been dying to blog this week, and I am finally finding the time to sit down and do it!! I am SOO very excited to introduce you to the newest edition of our family. Her name is Remi and she is a 4 1/2 month old german shepherd.  

For the longest time Sean and I have been wanting to rescue a pup....and we have finally been able to do it! We found her at a rescue and immediately knew she was the one. The foster parents had nothing but good things to say about her, and even cried when they left her. She is the BIGGEST sweetheart ever, loves to cuddle, and is adjusting well to her new home. She is SO spoiled, I am sure she thinks she died and went to heaven :-)

It feels so good to have saved Remi, she is truly our angel that we have been praying for. I feel so blessed, and I love my little family more than words could say. 

We move into our new home in a little less than a month, and then before we know it I will be walking down the isle :-)

Jamie Leigh


Ashley said...

Remi is adorable!!! Congrats!!! Love all the pictures!!

Time is just flying by!!!

Krystle said...

Awwww precious baby!!! :)

Krystle said...

We have one too! ;) Forgot to add that part... :)

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

He's so cute!

Stephanie M. Page said...

So fun, praise the Lord, very cute, Miss you!