Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday!

McGlothin Family Nest

I am so HAPPY the weekend is finally in sight! The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and there is a lot of fun to look forward to this weekend!

120. Spring! It is finally here! The weather has been so sunny and nice! It is funny how your mood can change instantly with the beautiful weather!

121. Twins Game! Sean, my sister, her boyfriend Jory, and me are going to the Twins game Saturday night! It is the opening series at home, so we are SOOO excited! We are praying it doesn't rain like the forecast is predicting! I am looking forward to trying some of the new foods they have at the stadium this year!

122. Bridesmaids hair! My coworker/friend is doing the girls hair for the wedding! I am so thankful that she is willing to come out to the house that morning and do their hair at a very affordable price! YAY! She came over yesterday to do a trial run on my sister. What do you think?

123. Girls night! Friday I am getting together with a couple of my favorite girls! Nicole, who is one of my bridesmaids, and Brittany who I get to also work with! We will be getting some mexican food and margaritas! YUM!

124. Support and advice! I have received an amazing amount of support and advice from my family, friends, and all of my wonderful readers this week! Thank you!

125. Jello Cake! Have you ever had it? My dad makes it every time we have a birthday! It is delicious...basically you bake a white cake, then poke holes in it and pour in jello mix...the cake is so moist, flavorful and just delicious! I have been definitely enjoying it this past week!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! What are you thankful for today?

Jamie Leigh


Jessie Szmanda said...

mmm that jello cake sounds yummy! Yay for the weekend!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Have a SUPER fun weekend :) Sounds like a good one... no rain!!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

What a beautiful fin list! I haven't been around this week, gonna go read your older posts. hugs Jamie!