Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Essence of Faith

It feel like forever since I have blogged! It really has only been a couple days but it feels much longer! Heres a little weekend rewind!
Saturday Sean and I went shopping with my family at the Mall of America! It was so much fun spending time with all my loved ones! Sean got some new clothes for when the warm weather finally decides to join us, and my mom tried no some dresses for the wedding :) Saturday night we got to spend time with Sean's family that was in town from South Dakota! There's nothing better than a weekend full of family time!

Sunday we had brunch at Granite City which was delicious! Then we ran a couple errands, and finally retired into some comfy clothes to watch the series The Walking Dead! Very very good!
Now for today...
At church on Sunday the message really stuck with me. We had a visiting Paster join us and share her ideas about changes in the church. She strongly believed that people would get bored with church if there weren't changes made to the way the message of Jesus is shared. In Indianapolis she started a very unique worshiping community that meets in a dinner theater. It has taken off and is now grown to 3 worships each Sunday. Amazing huh?
Since our church is expanding to a new location they are welcoming the new ideas and vision to create a unique new ministry. This is very exicting to me! Things like contemorary music, discussions, and more interaction within the fellowship will be implemented. Everyone seems to think it will attract a younger generation..what do you think?
The message that really stuck with me is this: "The essence of faith is risk." Faith=Risk...do you agree with that? I definitely do. Having the faith in Jesus doesn't mean you know the future events or outcomes...but you just rely on the fact that Jesus will take care of you and lead you down the path your meant for.
This reading fits perfectley with this post:
"But the Lord says, Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago. Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already-you can see it now!" ~Isaiah 43:18-19b
Jamie Leigh


Stephanie Page said...

YES! i do agree that faith = risk. Faith is action, more than just what we believe but what we do with what we believe, and if what we believe doesn't affect our lives, do we really believe it? These are all things i have been thinking on this year! So good Jamie! God is speaking!!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Jamie! This is soooo good :) I love it - way to share it girl!
Have a great Tuesday!