Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday!

McGlothin Family Nest
Happy Thursday friends! I am just going to jump right into what I am thankful for this week!
76. Motivation! I have been whining about having no motivation to exercise a lot lately, so my sweetheart was at my house when I got home from work today and took me to the gym with him! It was so nice to have that push, and to exercise....wheww am I out of shape! Now I just got to keep motivated to continue going.

77. Caribou Coffee! yum yum! After our workout, we went and had some Caribou! I refrained from ordering one of the 1,000 calorie drinks that are so delicious, and tried their apple cinnamon oatmeal. SO GOOD!

78. Pay Day! Tomorrow is pay day, wahoo!!

79. My Friends! They have all been so sweet and offering all the help they can for the wedding! I love them!

80. This song! I'm thinking of using it for my wedding slideshow for my growing up pics...what do you think?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Much Love

Jamie Leigh


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

I can't see the song at work because youtube is blocked... sad story!! Love your list of thanks! :-)

Amanda Moury said...

Amen for payday! :) LOL And that sounds like a beautiful song! No matter what I always cry during slide shows at weddings, so awesome to see the couple 'grow up' right before you! :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

I just really want to have coffee with you. lets do it sooon....Ria? Jessie? ok!