Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday!

McGlothin Family Nest

Wow, this has been a BUSY BUSY week...I have been slacking on blogging, homework, laundry, and pretty much everything. At least it is almost Friday!! Here is what I am Thankful for this week!

46. Soup! I have been loving soup this week! It has been SO cold here in MN and soup has been the best lunch ever! 

47. Christmas decorations! My house is finally fully decorated for the holidays! It is so beautiful! My kitty has been completely obsessed with the tree this year. We got the most precious picture of him checking it out :)

48. Break being near! I am finally getting close to finishing up this semester for school. These classes have been hard, and very time consuming. I cannot wait to be finished!! Only one quarter left!

49. Secret Santa! We are doing secret Santa at my work! I just love it!

50. Our new Church! This weekend Sean and I will have a part in the service...more to come tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday, and if you live in the northern states stay warm!

Jamie Leigh