Monday, October 25, 2010

What a weekend!

Hello! I hope everyone's weekend was fabulous! Mine sure was :)  Even though it's Monday (BIG DISLIKE) I am going to try hard to keep positive and motivated to take this busy week head on! 

Friday night we headed up north to the wonderful cabin with Sean and my friends Nicole and Jordan! Nicole has been my bestie since we were 3, and is also the one that introduced me to Sean, I love her dearly! We packed a ton of blankets for the cold weather, delicious food, pumpkins, and four wheelers, what else could you need?

Saturday we went four wheeling most the day, which was extremely wet and cold! The weather was not so nice to us, but we definitely made the best of it! We ended up stopping at a store and getting warmer, and dry gloves which was nice! We also stopped off for a warm cup of soup and some lunch! After lunch it started to rain even harder, so we decided to head back, which was still over about an hour ride. We decided we were wet anyways, so we might as well ride fast through the HUGE puddles and get all muddy! SO FUN! Here are some pics of our day!

Nicole and me!

My love and me FREEZING and SOAKING

Nicole and Jordan

When we got back to the cabin we all got into dry clothes and warmed up! We started carving our pumpkins and cooking an amazing dinner of steak, potatoes, asian pasta salad, and hamburgers! We had so much fun relaxing and truly just enjoying life! 

The boys took this seriously!

I love this one :)

Finished product! 
Sunday we went out four wheeling for a bit longer, it wasn't as rainy and we actually had rain gear this time around! It was a blast splashing through the puddles, I felt like a kid again! I wish amazing weekends like this could last longer, but they always just fly by! Oh well, I am just thankful to have made some more great memories with some of my favorite people! 
Share the memories you made this weekend with me, and make the best out of Monday!

Jamie Leigh


Amanda Moury said...

Good morning! I came across your blog from "Life as a wife" I love your pumpkin post! Happy almost Halloween! :)

Ria Thurston said...

Oh, that's cute Amanda came here via my blog :) FUN! I love the photos... you guys are so cute! See you Saturday!

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

You and your hubby-to-be are too cute!!!

Thanks so much for following our blog! :)

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!!